Who We Are

Co-founder Alexxia releasing a rehabilitated snapping turtle

The Turtle Rescue League was founded in 2009, with the goal of protecting our native turtle species. From the beginning, the Turtle Rescue League (TRL) has been a native turtle rescue, providing assistance for non-native and pet turtle issues only secondarily. Our doors are always open to the native turtles of the Northeastern United States. It is because of this our acceptance of non-native species is very restricted in order to maintain quarantine and protect the native turtles that call our wilds their home.

The turtle rescue community is an ever growing force and we work diligently to provide resources for those that are outside the Northeastern US. If you are in need and outside of our range, there still may be resources and assistance available. There is much useful information upon these pages and many of the most common questions are answered. Our goal is to help build a rescue network from coast to coast and on shores beyond. If you are involved in turtle rescue and wish to join our network, please contact us!

Our Rescue Range

Home of the Turtle Rescue League

We are a licensed and permitted Massachusetts turtle rescue center. We are also a Connecticut wildlife resource. We provide rescue, rehabilitation, and transportation services throughout all of Southern New England. If you wish to help us expand our range, please become a member and see what skill you may be able to lend to the cause!

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