What does it mean to become a member?

2016 snapping turtle rehabilitation and release

It's simple... You have decided to help one of the most endangered animals on the planet. We ask that you watch for turtles in the street and help them get across. Educate others around you. People love to hear about turtles. Refer them to our web page. We here at the Turtle Rescue League will also occasionally ask you to participate in turtle related events, although participation in these events is not mandatory. Just click the link below and give us your name, phone number, address, and how you prefer to be contacted. Let us know of any skills you have, which might help turtles, or else, what areas that you are interested in helping. (Let us know how you found us)

What does it cost?

Nothing, there is no cost for being a member. We only ask for a little time. The time it takes to stop and help a turtle cross the street, or take an injured turtle to the hospital.

What kind of events do we have?

Annual Turtle Rescue League conferenceWe get together to walk beaches and look for stranded turtles in the cooler seasons. We do education events for children. We also can have emergency events, when a situation occurs and turtles are in need of help (see Supermarket Turtles Rescue.) We also hold classes to teach people about turtles. These classes range from native habitat needs to caring for turtles in captivity (for those interested in joining the Foster Home Program or those with a pet).

Turtle Foster Homes/ Drop-off Points

We are always in need of people to take in a turtle, temporarily, in order for us to find it a home. Our sanctuary is relatively small and we cannot take in every turtle. Foster homes are a good way to have a pet turtle and learn about turtles, without having to make a multi-decade, or more, commitment to a pet. Some equipment, space, and time are needed to become a foster home for turtles, but it is a rewarding experience. If you are interested, please email us.

Pluto, a snapping turtle in a foster home, protecting his rock

A DROP OFF POINT is a person who is willing to let people drop-off an injured turtle that cannot make the journey all the way to the Hospital (Tufts in Grafton will take a turtle 24hrs 7 days a week). Basically, someone would have a box or storage container where an injured turtle could be held until another member could be called to transport the turtle. The box does not need to be kept in your house if you do not wish. You are providing a cool quiet safe area for the injured turtle to rest, while transportation is being arranged to get it help. The volunteer can choose to take the turtle to Tufts themselves or simply wait for another member to make the trip. If you want to become a drop off point please let us know and we will give you more details.

Driving areas

a wild native wood turtle

We need more drivers. It's simple. We need people to drive around during turtle season (April - October). All you do is drive around areas that turtles might be crossing. I suggest people to pick a zone in which you drive anyway (like a route to and from work, which are great times to patrol). Just add on a small extra route around a pond, river, or lake. When you see a turtle, help it across the road, and if it's injured, take it to TUFTS Veterinary in Grafton MA. Cover as much area as you are able, and do your route daily. Last year we saved dozens and dozens of turtles on our route.

Volunteer work

Homemade turtle crossing sign and the excited girls who made it

We also need people to just volunteer, you don't have to be a member to help the turtles. We need people to simply go to stores to leave behind our boxes of brochures, which explain how to help turtles.

Do you know someone with connections that could help us here at the Turtle Rescue League? Let us know!!!We also need people to do fundraising, and advertising, and other work. You just want to do something good for one day? Help us. Feel like making a difference in a turtle's life? Ask us.

Do you have a special skill that would help turtles? Let us know!!!

Become a Member / Volunteer

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