Turtle Crossing - Sign Program

Our sign program has 3 major functions:

1.To Protect Our Endangered Turtles from being killed on our Roadways.
2.To Inform Motortists about the potential of large animals in the roads, a woman in Maine was nearly killed trying to avoid a large turtle in the road.
3.To Inform Motorcyclists about turtles in the road. Hitting a turtle on a motorcycle can be deadly.

We take every precaution when installing our signs. We do not cover-up any DPW signs, or obstruct any other important road signs. We try to get permission for every sign we install. (NOTE: not all turtle crossing signs are made by or put up by TURTLE RESCUE LEAGUE.) Because we publish how to make these signs, many people are making and putting them up on their own. We do not claim responsibility for any sign we do not install. Several towns put up their own TURTLE CROSSING SIGNS already.

If you would like to have signs in your area, please send us your name, address phone number and EMAIL. We will contact you about your signs.

If you have a problem with a sign location, please send us your name, address, phone number and EMAIL and we will contact you about that sign. We will not respond to sign problems without the above information.

How to Help

Anyone wishing to help and has the ability and time to build complete signs we encourage you! We gladly accept signs made by anyone (built to our basic specifications), for immediate posting. However, you can still help even if you don't have the time and abilities to make complete signs.

Donations: You can make money donations specifically towards the sign drive by sponsoring turtle crossings. A twenty-dollar sponsorship covers the cost of a full turtle-crossing zone (the construction and posting of 2 signs). Contact Us if you wish to make and donate signs or just the wood to make them. If you have completed signs let us know and we can come and get them, or we can give you a place to drop them off. Feel free to post your signs yourself. We all need to look out for the turtles in our neighborhoods and this is a great way to do so.We appreciate how tight money is today, so here are a few other things we would gladly take as donations to further the cause.


Plastic sheeting (drop cloths)


Paint rollers


Bright yellow exterior house paint (high gloss preferred)


Black exterior paint (high gloss preferred)


Plywood cut into 2 foot by 2 foot squares


Stencils (email us for exact dimensions)


Stencil brushes


Complete sign blanks (plywood pre-painted yellow)

Turtle crossing sign standards. 2 feet by 2 feet, yellow, bold and simple

We need people to help make signs

Road signs make people think, think about turtles. Even if there are no turtles in the road when they see the signs, it makes them realize turtles are out and about and could be on any other road as well.

If you want to make a sign PLEASE DO. Sign production is a time consuming activity down here at the TRL. When people make signs for us it allows us to post more in a given season, saving more turtles.

Here are a few good tips for road signs: put them up high enough so people won't steal them. Last year we had half of our signs stolen. Put them up so people can see the sign BEFORE THEY REACH THE TURTLE AREA. The faster the speed limit the further back you need to place the sign. Do not post signs on divided highways. It is dangerous (to you) and not effective. It is best to simply contact us if you know of a high mortality spot on a highway.

Turtle crossing sign being put up

Turtle Crossing Sign

Sign making tips:


Do not use flimsy materials. Particleboard does not hold up well to weather.


Paint both sides. If the back is exposed the sign will wear out quickly.


Spray paint seems quick, but can be expensive. A roller and house paint makes more signs for the buck.


Signs get stolen; do not invest too much in one sign. Despite precautions, this does happen.


Keep you design simple. If you cannot understand its message in a second, it won't help turtles.

Know of a spot needing a sign?

You can email us a street address where a sign is needed. Please be as specific as possible, since not all crossing points are at specific addresses or is eminently visible. We cannot post a sign if we cannot find the location! Please include ways of contacting you, so we can post the sign in the best location. If you want to help sponsor a sign area, please do so. It is $20, and we will make and install 2 signs (one for each side of the road). The $20 covers the price of the signs, and the time and gas to go and install them. Click here to request a sign.