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Pet Turtle Adoption

Please Expect Delays From May 15th - July 15th

The Turtle Rescue League is primarily a native species rescue organization. Our work in the pet trade (and other locally non-native turtles) is only tangential to our mission. This is not to say it will ever be neglected. However during our peak rescue season, our rescue staff are concentrating on the wild turtles and have limited time to update postings and answer inquiries. No request for placement assistance will be refused, or a request for adoption ignored, but do expect delays throughout the late spring/early summer.

There are many turtle available that have not been posted from many areas. These turtle range in species from Red-eared sliders, to Asian box turtles, to the occasional Tortoise. If you don't see what you are looking for or in the area you live, just contact the Adoption agent with Subject line, "Available Adoption Turtles".

Contact Adoption Agent at broodingturtle@gmail.com

Adopting a rescue turtle is a wonderful way to give a pet turtle a home and a second chance at life. At the Turtle Rescue League, we take finding turtles new homes seriously. We are in the business of finding good homes for turtles in need (not a cheap alternative to a pet store.)

These turtles have all been through the horrors of the pet store trade and are looking for a good home and someone to care and provide for them, for the rest of their lives. Be sure you are familiar with what a turtle requires, before taking one on as a pet. Turtles are not cheap pets and any one of our adoptees will live for anywhere between two and as many as ten more decades (species dependant) more, so be aware of the length of your commitment.

The Process

We will not ship turtles! Someone wishing to adopt must be willing to drive or else arrange to meet with the adopting party or adoption agency (the Turtle Rescue League, which is located in southern central Massachusetts.)

Available Turtles


Melvin, the Northern Map Turtle Turtle Rescue League

This is Melvin, he is a Male Northern Map Turtle. He is a real cutie with those dramatic dorsal keel ridges, only seen on Males of his species. He comes with a basic set-up. A potential new family should be looking ahead to a bigger tank and better filter.

This is a unique little guy from a species not often seen on the adoption listings. For more information or to adopt, please contact the adoption agent below. This is a Turtle Rescue League adoption (Massachusetts). We will not ship so prospective homes need to be local or willing to travel.


Thank You! Contact TRL: Email

Miss T, the Red-Eared Slider ndependent Placement

I am seeking a new home for my beloved Red Eared Slider turtle, affectionately named "Miss T."

I adopted Miss T in 2005, when she was about a year old. She is now full grown, about 8.5 inches long (SCL measurement). I am moving at the end of July and won't be able to take her with me, so I am looking for someone to adopt her and give her a good home.

There are number of things to keep in mind before you write me to discuss adopting Miss T. First, if you haven't had a large red-eared slider before, you will have to convince me that you understand the commitment you are making and the work that is involved. Red eared sliders can also live a *long time*. She's about 10 years old, and could potentially live another **40 years**. Maintenance costs are usually relatively low, about $100 a year for food and sundries; but the larger equipment is more expensive, and would need to be replaced if they broke: the pump (>$250); the sunning lamp ($50); or the tank ($200+).

One of the advantages of Miss T, however, is that she is very independent. Miss T is quite healthy and, to my knowledge, has never been sick.

Miss T comes with everything she needs. This includes: tank, pump, heater, plumbing, filters, timers, sunning lamp, sunning perch, food, extra filters, spare parts for the plumbing and pump, and cleaning tools (details below). The pump is a silent one, which means she can be set up in a bedroom or common area as needed, and won't make a lot of noise (other than her occasional splashing). But, all this equipment means she is quite infrastructure intensive, and so difficult to move once in place. This means that if your living arrangement is unsteady, you move frequently, or you are living in a dorm, then Miss T is not the turtle for you. In particular, this excludes most undergraduates from consideration. She is also not an appropriate pet for a child or teenager.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Miss T probably cannot be put in a tank with other turtles. She has been alone in her tank her whole life, and when a friend of mind tried to adopt Miss T and put her in a tank with another red eared slider, they did not get along (Miss T attacked the other turtle, even though it was as big as her).

So if, with all of these caveats, you might still be interested in adopting Miss T, please write me to discuss. This will definitely not be a "first come, first served" adoption, so please take your time in considering: the choice of home will depend on who I think is best suited to take care of her.

Miss T and all her accoutrements are located in Cambridge, near Harvard square.

Equipment details:

- Tank: 43 gallon glass tank
- Basking Area: custom-made slate perch that hangs off the side of the tank
- Pump: Posieden PS4 pump, model CP7117, 1/15 hp.
- Plumbing: 1/2 inch plastic tubing that runs through bulkheads installed in the glass wall
- Filters: Lifegard Mechanical (AF-94) and Chemical (AF-93) filters
- Lamp: UV-A/B spot sunlamp, 75W (I think), on an adjustable arm
- Timers: one each for the pump and lamp
- Heater: 40W submersible heater


-Food for about 6 months
-Filter inserts
-Carbon medium
-Feeding bucket
-Misc tools for taking apart and cleaning the plumbing and pump
-Lots of spare tubing and parts for the plumbing


Thank You! Contact Adopter: Email Mark

Midnight and Tink, the Red-Eared Sliders Turtle Rescue League

Meet Midnight and Tink, two friendly and well behaved Red-eared sliders. They have been with their current home for two years and live with other turtles peacefully. This means Midnight and Tink need a home with a existing habitat of other friendly turtles, or else they need a home who want to set them up their way. The TRL is happy to advise on a proper habitat for any party interested.

Midnight and Tink are NJ turtles, so be local or willing to travel if you wish to adopt. These turtles can be adopted as a pair or separately. Please mention if you are interested in both or just one, when you inquire.

Thank You! Contact TRL: broodingturtle@gmail.com

Spaz, the Red-Eared Slider Western Mass Turtle Rescue

Spaz is a well adjusted male Red-Eared Slider, as you can see the prominent nails on the foreword arms depicting a healthy male. He is hyper and friendly.


Thank You! Contact Adoption Agent

Jenny, the Red-Eared Slider Western Mass Turtle Rescue

Jenny is a well started female RES who has been treated medically to ensure she prospers. She has made a complete recovery from shell rot and is ready to find a new home.


Thank You! Contact Adoption Agent

Heidi and Kickers, the twin Red-Eared Slider Western Mass Turtle Rescue

The twins were turned over to us together they are healthy and active female RES, preferably they find a new home together. Heidi is on the left as she is shy and likes to "hide", Kickers is on the right and is very hyperactive.


Thank You! Contact Adoption Agent

Pablo, the Red-Eared Slider Western Mass Turtle Rescue

This shy little guy was recently turned over to the organization due to the fact that he was being housed in a tank improper to his needs, they also mistreated this poor male by trimming his long, beautiful nails. He is about 5 1/2 inches long and quite healthy. He has been checked for parasites, shell rot, and infections; and been given a clean bill of health.


Thank You! Contact Adoption Agent

Please inquire via email, for the latest available turtles.

When looking for any pet, always consider adoption from rescue agencies first! Know what you are getting into before acquiring any creature. Without exception, all animals require specialized care, housing, feeding, and often medical requirements. Knowing these before purchasing or adopting will cut down on the vast numbers of unwanted pets.

Cannot find that special turtle... Or maybe you want to learn more about caring for your pet turtle. Check out the wonderful folks at Western Mass Turtle Rescue. They have turtles up for adoption and care sheets for many species on their website.

Tell Adam 'The Turtle Guy', we sent you!

Western Mass Turtle Rescue


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