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This page has links to other pages that can help you get your particular Questions answered. Choose from the links below.

Meet Petunia, a red-eared slider, the most common pet turtle.
Turtles are often mistaken as 'Easy Pets'. Nothing could be further from the truth. Unlike puppies, kittens, hampsters, and birds, turtles need more. The links below talk about the many needs to keep a turtle healthy and happy. Below is a video, produced by the Mid Atlantic Turtle and Tortoise Society. It is powerful and completely true. If you are thinking of getting a turtle, it is a must watch and if you currently have a turtle and doubt what the 'experts' say is needed, doubly so.

In the information age, there is no excuse for ignorance. Read, learn, and take good care of your pet... It is never too late!

Thinking about a pet turtle? There is something you must know!  
  I have a turtle and cannot take care of it anymore. What do I do?
Can I release my pet turtle into the wild? Will it survive?  
  I want to adopt a turtle.
My turtle is sick, my turtle is acting weird.  
  I want to sponsor a turtle.
Can I take a wild turtle for a pet?  


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