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Our Sanctuary

We have a dedicated sanctuary that currently houses 20 turtles of varying species. It is specially built by Alexxia and Natasha, the founders, to provide all types of turtles with a home. We have three types of turtles in our sanctuary. Turtles in Rehab, Pet turtles in need of care until they can be adopted, and the last are permanent residences.

Pinky, a gulf coast box turtle, enjoying corn on the cob.

Turtle in Rehab

The rehab turtles are only in the sanctuary for a short time, sometimes a few days, or a few months, possibly even a year. They are just being helped until they can be released into the wild again.

Enjoying an afternoon bask.
Pet Turtles Needing Homes

Pet turtles in need of care, until adoption are severe cases that we had to rescue, (see Supermarket Rescue), until we can find better homes. We have only a few of these and typically try to use our adoption services instead (turtle adoption.) These are very rare cases. These turtles are in our care for a few months to a few years.

Permanent Residents

Permanent turtles are turtles that are VERY SPECIAL. They are very old, very sick, or animals that have been severely abused by previous owners. These animals, because of the trauma they have suffered, earn a permanent spot in the sanctuary.

We have tens of thousands of dollars invested in the sanctuary. We have to buy filters, tanks, special lights, housing for box turtles, mulch, special timers, and it is heated to a toasty 75 degrees year round.

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