Welcome to the Turtle Rescue League

The Turtle Rescue League is a non-profit organization based in New England, with a dedicated staff and members from all across the USA, committed to helping turtles.

We have a Turtle Rescue vehicle to do road retrieval and to rush turtles to a treatment facility if needed. We have a small sanctuary where turtles can live when they are being rehabilitated or waiting to be adopted, and above all, we have a dedicated staff that will do anything to help the turtles. We are always in need of donations, both money and equipment. If you would like to donate please click here.

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We offer various programs for educational purposes. Learn More >

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Our mission is to keep turtles a part of the future and not a thing of the past

We accomplish this through education, conservation, rehabilitation and incubation programs

Red-eared slider in tank


Teaching people of all ages and walks of life about turtles that live in their back yard and around the world is one of the most powerful ways to help turtles. Knowing turtles' needs, and how we can all help, is key to keeping them a part of our future.

We do more than just teach about wild turtles. We also educate pet owners how to better care for the turtles they have. Ask about our many programs we have for adults and school aged children.

Box turtle in rehab


Injured native species and pets alike deserve a second chance at life. We help turtles struck on roads get emergency help and treatment.

By coordinating resources we can ensure that injured or abused turtles get the help that they need. We make them healthy again, for possible release (native species) or finding them a good home through our adoption programs.

abandoned pet red-eared slider


Saving turtles means defending their homes, preserving their ability to live free, and ensuring their path to the future. Throughout their millions of years on this planet, nothing has endangered their continued survival more than humans have.

Turtles are crossing streets, laying their eggs and finding homes and mates. We look for ways to minimize their risk in a world that humans made deadly. Sometimes this means simply getting them safely across the road. We put up crossing signs and wildlife netting in especially deadly areas. Part of conservation is going out on patrols to watch high volume crossing areas.

baby snapping turtle hatching


Helping starts early with our incubating and hatching programs. Turtle eggs in danger of being destroyed or in dangerous areas (such as construction areas) can still be viable turtles of tomorrow.

Helping the very delicate, unborn turtle is a task taken very seriously. The death of a mother turtle on the road does not have to end her story. With care, love, and hope we usher forth the next generation of our wonderful turtles.